CRM (Customer Relationship manager)

CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)

Smart Campus Management software supports faculty, students, and parents by creating paperless interactions. It is Web/Desktop based application which is useful for all types of Schools like State / CBSE / IB / Residential and any University affiliated college of any faculty such Arts, Engineering, Polytechnics, Commerce, Science, Law-Education. Our Web based Smart Campus Management is being used by various colleges and universities as well as other higher education institutions.


Mobile to Desktop Support
Our CRM is a web application, so it can be accessed wide range of devices like mobile, tablets, laptops and desktop.
Cloud and Server Support
Based on the requirement, our CRM can be hosted in standalone server or cloud server by using easy configuration steps.
Real time support and Integration
CRM can be integrated with real time chatting applications, Automation tools, Graph representation and ticketing software.


  • Improved Customer Relationship
  • Reduced Data Entry
  • Sales management
  • Lead management
  • Enhanced communication Management
  • Visualization of Pipeline
  • High revenue
  • Support vendor / partner relationships
  • Knowledge and training
  • Assets or resources
  • Reports